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Hi! I'm Rick Kuilman, a software developer from The Netherlands. Growing up in country side with fresh air, plenty of space and loads of free time I was hooked when introduced into the world of computer stuff.

After playing Tomb Raider II for (probably) an eternity as a child, I looked up how to make my own game. And so I did, with RPG Maker XP. While rounding up my first game I wanted to make a neat little website with a manual to go along with it using Wordpress.com.

It was after I got the Dutch famous books "PHP in 10 minuten" and "CSS in 10 minuten" for my tenth birthday that I realized how awesome building real websites actually is. Ever since I am developing websites and webapplications.


Elgentos ecommerce solutions

July 2016 – present
Full Stack developer

Technical implementation of Magento 2 modules and creating all kind of integrations with external resources and APIs. Experience with writing Lumen middlewares and Laravel applications to connect e-commerce related platforms and extend Magento's functionality.

Yukka Software Solutions

May 2017 – present
Co-Founder Yukka Software Solutions is a company founded together with Thijs Kuilman and Ruud Zonnenberg with the idea of developing technical challenging, clean, fast and robust websites and web applications with Laravel and VueJS. Realized projects are consolevariations and Pool of Dragons. Check out all our projects and our blog at yukka.nl.


Februari 2017 – June 2017
Graduate intern

Researched possibilities of making Magento 2 headless, using React as frontend. Answers to the questions (I) is it possible to use a different frontend for Magento 2 and (II) what is the impact on the page speed and resource usage can be found in my graduation report (Dutch).



2014 – 2017
Hanzehogeschool Groningen

Activities and Societies: Student assistent, supporting and helping out first year students. Providing feedback and grading assignments.

HBO Bioinformatics

2011 – 2017
Hanzehogeschool Groningen

Activities and Societies: website commision student sssociation "LST-Equilibrium". Student assistent, supporting first year student during seminars.


2006 – 2011
Esdal College, Emmen


Laravel (PHP), VueJS, Magento 2, Bootstrap 4, Tailwind, Blackfire, Heroku, Ubuntu/OSX